Reflecting on 2013 Part 2

I am wondering what would be one thing that will make 2013 different from 2012, 2011 and other years before 2013?

On the broad stroke, it has been business as usual, since I am still serving God in my church, playing a leadership in my lifegroup and guiding younger believers around. Of course, the exact things that I was doing had been different, one of the main difference is definitely embarking on a new course of study, which has made this year an enriching one.

Well, one particular event does vividly make this 2013 different. As I reflect on this event, I think it is really God's call for me to quit running marathons irresponsibly and learn to be able to involve others in my own ministry. A rebuke from God mid year and a timely reminder from God end of the year as well as the event suffice to tell me that this is indeed one of the key lessons I have learned in 2013.


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