I was watching this video the other day after my class on pastoral ministry. My lecturer asked those who are planning to go into full time ministry to watch this video, to get a sense of the challenges that a pastor could face when he serves full time, especially in the midst of planting a new ministry. For some reason, the testimony of Ps Yen Chin Long and Yoko Maruyama touched my heart a lot while I was watching this video.

The reality of serving God does not limit to a full time minister and it does apply to the folks in the marketplace as well. I was just telling a friend the other day that my schedule this year is more or less packed. On top of the duty of leading a LG in church, there's my studies, being the Lighthouse editor for AGBC this year, my other community ministry projects such ad breakfast with love, tuition with love, educational tours, Batam reading programme etc. It is going to be a busy year and I ask myself how on earth am I going to dig out time for other areas in my life. And I just ask myself what am I going to sacrifice in order to make through this year?

Yet serving God is a privilege which I am honored to be part of. I was asked the other day how I managed to cope through all this busyness. I think one answer, and the answer to my concerns above, would have to lie on one thing which God has taught me so much over the past two years: His grace and lovingkindness.



  1. MPC: Membership/Ministry/Missionary Preparation Class, right? ;D

  2. It cannot be membership cos I'm already a member. Ministry/missionary sounds more correct.


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