Work-Life Balance

I recently saw this video and found that it entirely encapsulates the peril of working too much. Not only losing hobbies and personal life, we also risk losing our families and friends and our sense of self-identity. But this is so prevalent in Singapore today. People work long hours but ended up with no time for any other thing in life. As one of my previous supervisors once said, "where got work-life balance? Work is life mah..." And that is pretty sad, if you ask me.

That's why I choose to draw the line. Take note that I am not insinuating a dichotomy between work and life. Neither am I advocating dualism - that work is bad and any other things outside of work is good. But I am drawing a boundary between my paid work and my other responsibilities and commitments outside of work. This is a choice that people have to make and I made the choice to draw the line. This means for me that I try as far as possible to leave my work in the office once I step out of it and I make a conscious effort never to work beyond a certain time.


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