The Scholar's Syndrome

I have not been posting for some time... partly due to busyness.

However, while I was returning home just now from a meeting, I suddenly have the urge to express my views about some aspects in the areas of work related to my current employers. No, I am not going to divulge any sensitive information, but I am just thinking about the way our government works at times.

Take a case study for example. Suppose a lady goes and get a hair cut and at the same time, she gets manicure and pedicure services as well. Apparently, the hairdresser already decided what to do with the hair, to ensure that the whole image of the girl goes well with everything. The manicurist looked at the way the hairdresser is doing the hair and say, "You are cutting the hair. I disagree."

"Why disagree? The reason why I am doing this is because blah blah blah"

"No, you have to look at the bigger picture. If the hair is cut like this, it will affect how I do the manicure and pedicure... I disagree"

And the debate goes on. The hair is cut and the manicurist insists that the hairdresser should not have done the way he has done. Because of this, the girl's schedule was delayed and she was late for her appointment for reasons not her fault.

What the manicurist did is what I call 'the Scholar's Syndrome'. Not everyone has it but those who have it are generally 'scholars' who are taught to 'see things from the helicopter's viewpoint'. It gets frustrating not because the people did not have their point but because they decide to take it upon themselves to question the job of other people who know their work better and have their sense of perspective. It is the ability to virtually disagree on anything just because you are the 'manicurist'. And because while disagreeing is not your job, you have to be seen disagreeing in order to be seen doing your job.

And this I think is something that is way too interesting for me.


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