Nine Years On

It just gets more exciting, doesn't it? Last year when I was typing the same reflection, things were getting so much exciting in my life. Even after nine years of Christ in my life, it still amazes me how He has come into my life and transform the whole trajectory of my life. While the prospect of going full time into a Christian ministry has been something that I have been contemplating since I stepped into the working world, it just seems so surreal that I am now part of a Christian parachurch organisation which seeks to equip and disciple Christians in Singapore and around the region. Little would I have expected also that I would be running and heading a ministry by itself (and in the process, perhaps got my face and name known to the conservative Christian world in Singapore).

Or perhaps it is also unexpected that my own church ministry involvement is taking its own turn. After years of serving all over the place, and people have commented that I seem to be all over the place, it seems that my ministry involvement is reaching the initial stage of convergence where I can finally start streamlining which areas I should be serving more. All these are not by coincidence, but on reflection, are part of God's leading step by step. This teaches me one thing though: a lot of times, we don't see the whole picture until we walked through a certain distance. We do not need to fret when things seem so uncertain as long we are sure that it was God who called us to take the initial steps. Indeed, this was the case, when I first took on the step to go into Bible College to study theology. And maybe I am starting to see where it all converges.

So here's to another nine years.


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