On 2015 - Another Year of Transition

And so 2015 has passed and 2015 is yet the year when I got even less productive in my blogging. This is partly due to more things occupying my mind despite having a less hectic job. Here's some major reflections on my 2015.

A Year of Transition

One major transition in 2015 was in church ministry. A number of major changes allowed me to follow through on my last reflection and get even more clarity in what to focus on in terms of my service to God. Firstly, there was a major restructuring in church which means that I had to make major decisions with regards to my lifegroup and leadership. The end result of this was that I disbanded my lifegroup and moved on to another lifegroup. Of course, I sought to ensure that my lifegroup members were properly settled before I really move on. This, to me, signifies a temporary pause to lifegroup leadership and moving to a new lifegroup where I am not in leadership. This is a huge drop in terms of ministry commitment.

The second change is the move into the ministry of teaching. 2015 I took on a number of new teaching tasks. I was tasked to teach a portion on the book of James and a significant portion on Christian apologetics in church. This includes the revamping of the content and syllabus for Christian apologetics. On top of this, I ran my own class in an underground bible institute in a land where Facebook is not permitted, teaching an entire course on the book of Ephesians in a non-English language, complete with assignments. And at the end of 2015, I received yet another assignment to revamp and teach the course in church history in church. On top of this, I was sent by my employer to attend a preaching course run by none other than my employer so as to train my public communication skill.

How much I wish this is true

A Year of Strengthened Relationship

Based on my last reflection on 2014, I am sure most of my readers already know that I am in courtship. 2015 saw us moving closer towards marriage and we get to witness how real God has been in our lives. Most of what I want to say is already in our blog post here. All in all, God has been real in the relationship and this has helped to strengthen our relationship. As a result, there has been breakthroughs between the two of us.

A Year of Rethinking

While 2014 was a year of career switch, 2015 was a year when I was forced to relook and rethink on my own career options and whether God intends for me to go long term in my current job. Strictly speaking, there is no obligation for me to remain permanently in my current job. Over time, I am beginning to rethink the long term possibility of my current career option and to reassess if this is really meant to be long term, or is it just a transition phase.

Preliminary reflection has shown that there is no clear answer, but my career switch has enabled the transition and strengthening of my relationship as mentioned earlier. God has indeed made good use of my current position. The question is whether how long is He intending me to stay here until. This is a problem that I will probably take the whole 2016 to review on.

Entering into 2016

2016 offers an exciting year. Firstly, I look forward to spending time with the new LG and forging new relationships. Most of the people are unknown to me until now and I see a lot of opportunities to know them and serve them in this LG. And I am seeing how I can serve in this new community. Secondly, I get to revamp the course on church history. It is going to be tough as it combines history and theology and I face the challenge of making the content palatable for the audience while ensuring its solidness. I am also interested to see what other topics I will be tasked to teach in. Thirdly, 2016 will be my last year as an unmarried man. This has been an unexpected development since the end of 2015 and things have been moving quite fast. We thank God that it has been smooth so far.

It has been a short reflection thus far and I will stop here. More blog posts to be posted here in the near future.


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