Calling and Ministry, Age and Comparison

This is a series of reflections that I sent to my fiancee from my own Bible readings. I have posted them in this blog so that it is easier to keep track for future reflections. 
23 Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry. He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph - Lk 3:23.

I think the issue of age always fascinates me in the stories of the Scripture. Moses was 40 when he left Egypt and was 80 when he was officially called by God. Technically speaking, he was 2/3 of his way into his life before he really stepped into God’s ministry and started serving him in the capacity that God has destined him to serve.

In the passage, Jesus was about 30 years old when he started his ministry. This means that, if the chronology in the gospel of John is correct, then Jesus should be about 33 when he was crucified. Essentially, this means that Jesus began serving God only when he was about 90% into his life on earth. That is the reason why I always feel amused when Elvis used to lament to me that he felt that he has not accomplished much for God when he turned 21. That is the reason why I felt that there is a lot more to do for God at our age and we should not be limited by age. Assuming that we can live up to 80 naturally, we may be called to do the “real work” when we are 70? Who knows? Maybe at 79! Then what happens before that?

The Scripture that I read today provided a clue. It said in previous verses that Jesus grew and became strong; that there was a continuous process of being filled with wisdom (based on the Greek grammar), and he grew in stature and in favor with God and man. This means that there was probably a process of preparation. Extrapolating that to our own circumstances, then what is the process of preparation in this stage of our lives? Are we growing in wisdom? Are we gaining favor with God and man? How does that prepare us for our ministry together as a family in the future?

Perhaps a second reflection from here is whether are we concerned or feeling insecure over our ministry? I used to struggle a lot when I see my peers doing a lot of other stuff in their ministries while it seems that I am stuck somewhere, not doing a lot of things. But events over the recent years helped me see that it is not the case. God prepared me for ministries that almost none of my peers could ever do - the teaching of His words and doctrines in a sound theological manner. There is a particular uniqueness in this ministry that I cannot simply compare with them. It is from this perspective that I feel that it is going to be the same for our own ministry as well, because we have a different perspective to offer in the overall context of what God is doing in this kainos season.


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