The Man Trap

Recently, I read an article from 1843 magazine entitled "The Man Trap." The premise of the article examines how it is more difficult for men to move into female-dominated domain, in particular if they want to enter into a single income arrangement with their wives and with them being the house person taking care of the household.

Articles such this have always served to corroborate with my conviction that men have their own roles in life, so do women. We experience a lot of issues precisely because we fail to accept the God-given roles for men and women within the family setting. Hence, we have women who are career-minded and yet got stuck in a situation where they cannot take their minds off their family. And men who want to perform the women's role in the family generally find it difficult to deal with the stigma and the perception, though I will argue that this is not an issue of self-security. My position is thus a fairly moderated complementarian view of gender roles (as compared to an egalitarian one).

Anyway, read for yourself the article and share with me what you think of it. I look forward to hear your views.


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